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Treatment Plant and Pump station Servicing
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Why Service?

In these days of financial stress, and cost of living crisis, you may wonder, can I save money and ‘just leave it to chance’. The reality is, the basic servicing of Sewage Treatment Plant and Pump Stations need not be expensive, you do however, get what you pay for. We attend far more emergency callouts on systems that have failed due to a lack of servicing than any other reason.

Be it a pump station that is suffering from neglect with unreliable float switches and unsafe electrical controls or a treatment plant that is being emptied every year (“cos the tanker driver said it was needed…”) an experienced and well equipped service engineer will quickly demonstrate the value.

Why Lemon?

We are first and foremost a drainage service provider, we aim to partner clients from schools, colleges, hotels, nurseries, garden centres, local authorities and country parks and most importantly, our wonderful domestic clients. Having a broad spread of customer types adds depth to our business and keeps our engineers moving around our operational area, we are never more than a couple of days from any of our sites and of course, in an emergency, we strive to get to you within 24 hours (depending on the nature of the emergency).

We have a singular belief, that we should provide the type of service that is personal to our clients and in a way that we would like to be treated.

Our service vans are extremely well equipped with a huge range of the most commonly required spares and tools, our engineers are amongst the very best in the industry and we strive to to set a new standard or service delivery… The LEMON Standard.

Treatment Plant

Treatment Plant Servicing

Our Engineers are British Water Accredited and have extensive experience in the routine maintenance and fault diagnosis on all brands of Sewage Treatment Plant. The ‘art’ of good treatment plant servicing not only includes the electrical and mechanical servicing but also assessing how the microbiology is performing and adjusting the process to get the system to be as stable as possible. This includes providing user guidance and advising on the specific tankering required for each system. Irrespective of manufacturer guidance, as all sites vary in the specific loadings and use, every treatment plant will require a different emptying or desludging frequency. Treatment plant tankering may be provided as an additional service and may be supervised to ensure it is correctly completed.

Within a service agreement, we can also offer our LemonEye GSM Telemetry systems, more suited to larger systems servicing multiple users and of course, regular effluent sample and analysis to confirm the performance of the system.

Pump Station Servicing

A simple pump station will either be used to pump untreated sewage from a property to a main sewer or private drainage system (Sewage Treatment Plant) or a storm,  effluent or delta station to pump essentially, water. 

If a Pump Station suffers a failure, the impact can be swift with properties flooding, services failing, toilets not flushing and indeed waste escaping through manholes. Therefore it is ESSENTIAL that these systems receive regular servicing. 

This may be, in the case of simple domestic system, a single annual service with the support of a prompt callout response, or multiple services on larger or more complex systems. The main reasons for pump station failure tends to be mis-use (inappropriate items entering the system such a cotton wipes, fat and rags) followed closely by neglect. 

Whilst servicing will not stop mis-use but we can provide regular guidance and blockage clearing together with electrical tests on the pumps and control panels, level controls, pipework, valves and associated equipment. Again the addition of our LemonEye GSM will ensure a prompt response in the event of a system failure, reducing the risks of excessive repair costs.

Drainage Services
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Other Systems Serviced

Lemon Drainage Services are also experienced in the servicing of Rain Water Harvesting and Rain Trap Systems, Dosing systems and Grease Traps. These generally form additional parts of a larger and often commercial drainage systems and we have a firm belief that we should be capable of looking after all of the drainage assets, not just the main tanks.

Uniquely we offer Service Agreements of ‘complete systems’ rather than individual agreements for each part, Therefore there is one Agreement to cover the whole drainage system at your site.

In this way our clients benefit from the savings we gain from increased efficiencies and reduced travel costs associated with unnecessary multiple service visits.

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Tanker Services

Tank emptying requires the use of large HGV tankers, ranging from 2,000 gallon, 3,000 gallon, 4,000 gallon road tankers, These may include recycling type tankers or KSA Filtration Tankers or tanker/jetters depending on the task required. It is very clear that this part of the industry requires significant investment and is very specialist. Any company operating these vehicles needs to have a utilisation of 75% = to break even and with a smaller and more limited range of vehicles, it would generally be a case of always having the wrong size tanker in the wrong place.

Our simple solution os that we leave this to the company is who have the greatest skill and experience but have developed strong relationships with many of the smaller ones, such that we get great rates, great reliability and have the full range of vehicles at our disposal without the burden of the cost.

We are licenced as waste Brokers with the Environment Agency and as such we are able to manage this service on behalf of our clients.

This is our ‘Fresh Approach
to Drainage Services’.