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Lemonaid Service Agreements
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Some of our clients prefer the peace of mind to know that their system is looked after and managed without the risk of costly and unexpected breakdowns. This is often the case with larger systems that fall under the care of Management Companies as it avoids interim costs and makes the ownership predictable.

It is true that there is a higher premium for this type of agreement, in the same way as Full Comprehensive insurance costs more than third party. We, as the service provider have to cover our risk against the unexpected and unpredictable mechanical failures, but with the knowledge that our risk can be, in some way managed by providing good quality servicing.

We base these agreements on a 3 year term, which is invoiced annually in advance. The cost is fixed for the three years and every agreement will be assessed individually.

We assess the age, condition and usage of any given system before providing our quotation. In this way you can be assured of the very highest standard of servicing.


Lemonaid Service Agreements

Our All Inclusive service package, which includes for all parts, callouts (not due to misuse, neglect or malicious actions) and routine maintenance.

Many of our clients prefer to have the peace of mind that in the event of any problems, we will be on hand to resolve the situation with no nasty costly surprises and in a timely fashion.

These packages do have a higher premium but when based on a 3 year term, (paid annually) are likely to save you money. Another reason to entrust your system to Lemon.



We can provide our LemonEye GSM Telemetry System to existing service clients. Any system, whether a treatment plant, pump station or rain water harvester can be retrofitted with this system which transmits any alarm condition directly to our service system and copies these alerts to all of our engineers. The aim is to provide a timely emergency response to both limit the risk of an environmental issue and to reduce the repair costs by catching the problem early. Clearly this is only of benefit if there is a service agreement in place to support the callout requirements.


We offer a range of dosing systems and when used to feed our L100 Lemonator Enzyme fluid, can dramatically reduce the risk of fat and grease blockages within commercial catering applications, be it a pub, restaurant, School kitchen, Garden centre café, this system is proven to keep the drains running free with the added bonus that the grease trap on the property will require emptying less frequently. In most cases, a single Grease Trap emptying costs more than the annual running costs of this system saving costs and reducing waste.

Rain Water Harvesters​

Our engineers are familiar with servicing, inspection and repair of Rain Water harvesters. These systems efficiently collect rain water and then deliver this for use in toilets, washing machines and outside garden use. If correctly maintained, they are able to provide a long working lifespan, assisting in reducing demand on the potable water supply network whilst reducing the risk of adding further water to area’s at risk of flooding.

Effluent Sampling

Effluent Sampling and Analysis

The effluent discharged from Treatment Plant is permitted to enter the environment under either an Environment Agency Permit (Consent) or under the General Binding Rules. In many cases the Environment Agency will specify the standard of the effluent that must be maintained. Good servicing will assist in complying with this and the only way to confirm the performance of the system is to collect a sample which is then tested within a laboratory for specific parameters. These typically include BOD, Ammonia and Suspended Solids. Lemon are able to provide this as a stand-alone service or integrated within the Service Agreement.
This is our ‘Fresh Approach
to Drainage Services’.