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Separator Servicing
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Separators (Interceptors)

Separators are required in hard trafficked area’s to collect any hydrocarbons that may otherwise enter the water table, typically widely used in car parks and petrol forecourts under BS EN858-3 and within this regulation, the owner of the land is responsible to ensure that they are properly maintained with 6 monthly inspections, removal of silt and oily waste and cleaning or replacement of coalescer filters. It is also recommended that Oil Level Alarms are installed and maintained on these systems to alert the owner of a hydrocarbon spillage. Our engineers are trained and suitably experienced to conduct the inspections, servicing and repair of these systems.
We offer a full range of solutions to improve your off-mains system, all related to waste water and waste water treatment.
Oil alarm Systems and Bunding

Oil Alarm Systems And Bunding

We are Agents for Darcy and we are able to supply a wide range of equipment and services ranging from the supply only of a variety of ‘spill care’ products and kits, through to static and automated bunding systems through to flood barriers and alarm systems. Darcy have been the leading supplier of separator oil alarm systems for many years and Lemon are proud to be approved for the specification, supply, installation and commissioning of these systems, together with the on-going maintenance of the alarms and probes.

If your site has a potential risk of either spillage or lack of containment, call today for a no obligation risk survey. We are able to offer the most advanced and efficient solution from the market leader.

Effluent Sample Analysis

All treatment plant produce treated effluent which is discharged to either rivers and streams, ditches, canals and even to soakaways. There is often a requirement for either regular or singular sample collection and analysis of this effluent to demonstrate compliance of the system or to assist in identifying an unknown process issue. We are able to provide this together with our interpretation of the results from the laboratory analysis. All analysis is completed by a UKAS Accredited laboratory.
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