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Treatment Plant and Pump Station Repair / Refurbishment
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Existing System Refurbishment

Through many years of diagnosing issues with existing systems, we have developed a number of processes to improve and repair failed existing systems.

Whether this is a complete plant strip down and rebuild / re-design or an up-grade from a pumped circulation system to an air driven process, we have the experience to offer a comprehensive service.

The key to this is always the same fundamental point, is the installed tank of a sufficient size, installed in an appropriate manner and is it accessible to allow for improvement works.

This being the case, it is often much more cost effective to refurbish a system than to replace, thus avoiding the inconvenience and disruption that this can cause.

Modern Treatment Plant may be rotary (RBC) such as Biodisc or air driven. This may be SAF or ASP type units and indeed may even include SBR processes.

We are experienced in all brands and processes and have access to the top technology to improve systems such that they extend the working life significantly.

We have, on occasion had to accept that a system may not be suitable for this due to condition, size or location and in these cases, we look for the most cost effective and lowest impact system to replace the existing.

We offer a full range of solutions to improve your off-mains system, all related to waste water and waste water treatment.

Pump station refurbishment

All Pump Stations will need to have repair works at some stage, This may be a simple replacement pump, float switches or control panel or in some cases, replacing internal and external pipework. We have experience in all elements of pump station refurbishment and as our entire team are trained and certificated for working in Confined Spaces and we carry certified and tested Confined Space Access equipment, we are capable of delivering a cost saving repair, quickly and efficiently.
This is our ‘Fresh Approach
to Drainage Services’.